Georgia Women's Golf Association

History of the GWGA

GEORGIA WOMEN'S GOLF ASSOCIATION, INC. (GWGA ) was founded in 1929 at Radium Country Club in Albany, the site of our first Championship in 1930. Today, GWGA continues to promote, maintain and protect the best interests of the game of golf among the amateur female golfers throughout the State of Georgia. Each year, the GWGA hosts two tournaments: the GWGA Four-Ball Tournament and the Georgia Women’s Amateur Championship.

About the GWGA Championship

Every year since 1930, the winner of GWGA Championship Tournament is named the Georgia Women's Amateur Champion. The site of the tournament varies from site to site each year. Following is the schedule for the next few years.

2010 July 27 - 29 White Columns, Alpharetta
2011 July 26-28 Cuscowilla, Eatonton
2012 July 24-26 The Landings, Savannah
2013 July 30-Aug 1 Glen Arven, Thomasville

The tournament is open to all members in good standing of the Georgia Women's Golf Association. The field is limited to 112 competitors and acceptance of entries is by ascending order of handicap index. Entry forms for the tournament will be made available to the membership approximately six weeks prior to the tournament.


Championship History 1971 - Present

From 1971 to the present, the GWGA has conducted the Georgia Women's Stroke Play Championship for the Eleanor M. Keeler Memorial Trophy. Prior to 1971, the GWGA conducted both a Medal Play and a Match Play Championship. In 1969, the association agreed to sponsor a single championship tournament, with the winner being recognized at the Georgia Women's Amateur Champion.

Since 1971, there have been 18 different champions, including six-time winner Janet Olp, four-time winners Ceil MacLaurin and Wendi Patterson, and four-time winner and current champion, Laura Coble. In addition to her four Stroke Play Championships, Ceil MacLaurin has won a total of eleven championships over a twenty year period between 1952 and 1975.

Laura Coble proudly displays the Eleanor M. Keeler Memorial Trophy.
2008 Mariah Stackhouse   Flat Creek
2007 Laura Coble   August Country Club
2006 Jean Reynolds   Atlanta Athletic Club
2005 Laura Coble   Dalton CC
2004 Laura Coble   Doublegate CC
2003 Laura Coble   Reynolds Plantation
2002 Patti Huxford   Green Island CC
2001 Kathi Eutzler   The Landings Club
2000 Claudeen Lindberg   Capital City Club
1999 Laura Coble   West Lake CC
1998 Patti Huxford   Athens CC
1997 Janet Olp   Cherokee Town CC
1996 Kim Lisi   The Farm
1995 Wendi Patterson   Eagles Landing CC
1994 Brenda Pictor   Atlanta CC
1993 Wendi Patterson   The Landings Club
1992 Wendi Patterson   Valdosta CC
1991 Wendi Patterson   Doublegate CC Laura Coble has won the Championship five times: 1999, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2007.
1990 Bettie Shadday   Cartersville CC
1989 Ginette Spinucci   Jones Creek CC
1988 Jenny Holder   Griffin CC
1987 Janet Olp   Coosa CC
1986 Martha Kirouac   River North CC
1985 Janet Olp   Flat Creek CC
1984 Janet Olp   Berkely Hills CC
1983 Janet Olp   Athens CC
1982 June Holder   Dalton CC
1981 Janet Olp   Valdosta CC
1980 Carol Donald   Atlanta Ath. Club
1979 Carol Donald   Radium Springs CC
1978 Eleanor Walker   Coosa CC
1977 Mitzi Edge   Flat Creek CC
1976 Terri Moody   River North CC
1975 Ceil MacLaurin   Brookfield West CC
1974 Ceil MacLaurin   Berkely Hills CC
1973 Ceil MacLaurin   Sea Palms CC
1972 Ceil MacLaurin   Dalton CC
1971 Billie Wickliffe   CC of Columbus


Medal Play Championship 1952 - 1970

From 1952 through 1970, the Championship was played as a Medal Play Tournament. The Champion was awarded the Eleanor Keeler Trophy. The first Georgia Medal Play Tournament for the Eleaner Keeler Trophy was played at Capital City Club in 1952. Although there were 30 entries, only 24 ladies competed. The format consisted of 36 holes of stroke play as a field, followed by a round of 18-holes flighted into groups of 8. The low 16 players from the qualifying rounds would constitute the championship flights, eligible for the Championship Trophy. Dorothy Kirby, the former national champion and six time winner of the Georgia State Championship, won in 1952, a full 19 years after her first win in 1933!

1952   Dorothy Kirby   Capital City Club  
1953   Dorothy Kirby   Capital City Club  
1954   Mary Lena Faulk   Augusta CC  
1955   Mary Ann Reynolds   Sea Island GC Special thanks to Janet Olp for this wonderful photo from the 1960 GWGA Medal Play Tournament in Coosa.
1956   Mary Ann Reynolds   Ft. Benning CC
1957   Margaret Allen   Griffin CC
1958   Janice Phelps   Callaway Gardens
1959   Madge McDonald   Athens CC
1960   Dot Clay   Coosa CC
1961   Margaret Allen   Radium Springs CC
1962   Sally Molloy   Idle Hour CC
1963   Dodie Garlington   Columbus CC
1964   Billie Wickliffe   The Standard Club  
1965   Ceil MacLaurin   Augusta CC  
1966   Grace Clay   Okeefenokee GC  
1967   B.J. Grabrielson   Valdosta CC  
1968   Ceil MacLaurin   Atlanta Ath. Club  
1969   Ceil MacLaurin   Savannah Inn & CC  
1970   Billie Wickliffe   Doublegate CC  


Match Play Championship 1930 - 1970

From 1930 to 1970, the GWGA conducted a match play tournament to determine the Georgia Women's Amateur Champion. The first Official Match Play Championship was held at Radium Springs Golf Club in Albany from October 6 through 10, 1930. Forty women competed on the 6300 yard, par 85 course. Mrs. W. D. Doak defeated Miss Margaret Maddox on the 18th hole of the final match to become the first state champion. It was to be her only win. Miss Maddox returned to win the following two years (1931 and 1932) and managed a third victory in 1938.

1930 Mrs. W.D. Doak   Radum Springs GC
1931 Margaret Maddox   Sea Island CC
1932 Margaret Maddox   Capital City CC
1933 Dorothy Kirby   East Lake CC
1934 Mrs. S.B. Lippitt   Radum Springs GC
1935 Dorothy Kirby   East Lake CC
1936 Dorothy Kirby   Columbus CC
1937 Martha Daniel   Coosa CC
1938 Margaret Maddox   Druid Hills CC
1939 Colleen Butler   Glen Arven CC
1940 Louise Suggs   Columbus CC
1941 Dorothy Kirby   Capital City CC
1942 Louise Suggs   East Lake CC
1943 Caroline Dykes Kibler   East Lake CC
1944 Martha Daniel   Capital City CC
1945 Mary Melnyk   Augusta CC
1946 Mary Lena Faulk   Ft. Benning GC
1947 Mary Lena Faulk   Glen Arven CC
1948 Mary Lena Faulk   Brunswick GC
1949 Martha Daniel   General Oglethorpe GC
1950 Eileen Stulb   Druid Hills CC
1951 Eileen Stulb   Coosa CC
1952 Ceil MacLaurin   Valdosta CC
1953 Mary Crawford   Ft. Benning GC
1954 Frances Rich   Griffin CC
1955 Mary Crawford   Radum Springs GC
1956 Janice Phelps   East Lake CC
1957 M.A.Sauls Reynolds   Savannah GC
1958 M.A.Sauls Reynolds   Radum Springs GC
1959 Mary Crawford   Columbus CC
1960 Barbara Greene   Glen Arven CC
1961 Grace Lyons Clay   Druid Hills CC
1962 Mrs. Grady McDonald   Valdosta CC
1963 Mrs. Grady McDonald   Callaway Gardens
1964 Ceil MacLaurin   Athens CC
1965 Ceil MacLaurin   Sea Palms GC Billie Wickliffe won the State Championship in all three formats: Match Play (1966 & 1967), Medal Play (1964 & 1970), and Stroke Play (1971).
1966 Billie Wickliffe   Green Island CC
1967 Billie Wickliffe   Radium CC
1968 Mrs. Tom Molloy   Callaway Gardens
1969 Hollis Stacy   Athens CC
1970 Ceil MacLaurin   Sea Palms GC